Professional Highlight and Contouring Tutorial

Professional Highlight and Contouring Tutorial


For a perfect face, chiseled cheek bones and jaw line highlight and contouring is must to do before applying makeup. Highlight and contouring is not the everyday makeup routine however when you have to attend the evening parties and weddings this makeup look gives you a very refined and perfect look as it helps in enhancing your features and providing you with a flawless finish.


Things Required for Highlight and Contour

  • Highlight and Contour Palette
  • Two individual Highlight and Contour Shades
  • Highlight and Contour Brushes

The tones of highlight palette must be according to your skin tone. Depending on the tone of your skin you need to choose a one very light shade and a one very dark shade. The easy tip is to choose the lightest shade for the highlight and the darkest shade for the contouring.





  • Now pout in the way that your cheekbones become more prominent. Now for the very first step apply a light foundation on your entire face and particularly the prominent areas
  • Fill the darker foundation in all the areas of your face that you want to be recessed or you don’t want to make them more prominent
  • These areas that needed to be contoured include the hair line, area under the cheek bones, sides of your nose and above the jaw line.
  • Now with the lighter shade of the palette highlight the areas that you want to make more prominent on your face
  • The areas may include the temple, the upper bone of the nose, the cheek bones, area under your eyes and jaw line.
  • Now take a foundation brush or a contouring brush and blend the foundation well with your skin.
  • Make sure you blend the foundation well so that you come up with a natural look and not a plastic surgery look
  • In the next step take some loose powder and set your entire makeup with it to fix the things in the place
  • To add some more dramatic look you can apply a little bronzer over the darkened and recessed areas.












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