Rani Emaan Eid Collection 2016 Complete Catalogue

Rani Emaan Eid Collection 2016 Complete Catalogue


The logo Rani Emaan itself typifies the oriental taste with an aim to bring an evolution in women’s fashion world with diva quality vowing an individuality to the demands of all choices packed with insatiable desire to stimulate the fashion sense of modern Asian women. It strives to juxtapose the oriental and western cuts, hence presenting amaranthine, and solitary style in their imprinted glamorized world. Before everything Rani Emaan’s visualize the client dressed in an outfit carrying it with great ease whether she is at the formal dinner or, at the auspicious occasion of Eid or at a wedding.The attires are the embodiment of South Asian ingenuity. In addition, the designs use pure fabric and embroideries done with the most intricate needles.These all eminent attributes, henceforth, cordially invite the females to visit Rani Emaan’s store.


Rani Emaan’s is a capital based fashion designer, which inaugurated itself as a brand that could satiate the need of every female’s closet with its intricately designed bridals, orientally and occidentally designed formals and semi formals, and ready to wear collection.

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