Servis Summer Collection 2016

Servis Summer Collection 2016


Starting its journey as a single retail footwear outlet, the brand today has a presence of 450+ retail stores.



At the heart of all our endeavors lies the spirit of our countrymen. Servis and its roots are grounded firmly in Pakistan and its people. We understand their needs, their lives and their dreams. Sharing in their moments both big and small, Servis has been their companion in happiness for over 50 years. And with our commitment to constant innovation and uncompromising quality, we endeavor to delight our customers with the very best products and services.


Servis is a relatively old shoes brand in Pakistan as compared to the iconic brands such as, Stylo, ECS, Metro and Milli Shoes. Servis is new yet it has created its own niche and styles in the latest collection of the shoes. The brand is becoming famous with the people with each passing day and people now trust the brand as a stylish and comfy brand for shoes. The shoes of the brand are stylish as well as comfortable as they have strong sole and comfortable grip at the feet that helps you in walking and keeping your posture straight and up right. Classy Dressy  brings for you the latest collection of Servis for Summer 2016.


As you can see the brand is offering a wide range and variety of the shoes for the people of all the ages. There are high heel stilettos for the young and playful girls and sophisticated chapels and sandals for the middle aged and senior women. In addition to that there are comfy chapels that can you wear not only with your formals as well as semi formals but also you can use them as your routine shoes. There are also stylish shoes called pumps for the school and college going teen and pre teen girls so that they can look stylish and feel comfortable while going to school and college.


The material used in the shoes is also very style oriented and desirable as they has use pure leather, Rexene, suede and synthetic material to make the quality shoes for your taste and style. The embellishments used to adorn the shoes are also very classy such as pearls, sowaraski, diamantes, bows and many beautiful sorts of things for this type. Have a look at Summer Collection OF Servis to select the shoes for you in this season

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