Summer Evening Bags Trend 2016

Summer Evening Bags Trend 2016


Investing in stylish shoes and bags s always a kick ass experience as it will give a new hype and edge to your style. There are bags and clutches that can be repeated again and again season after season because of their class and being a classic value in your closet. Classy Dressy brings for you the new and stylish bags and evening wear clutches that are here to stay in the entire season of the summers and will go perfect with your new and fresh lawn dresses

Bottega Knotted Clutch

Bottega Knotted Clutch is a classic that s always n fashion weather its winter or summers. There are a number of cool colors that are suitable for the summery and cool prints of the dresses of summers. The classiness of this item is obvious from its make and finish and you will never regret having this clutch in your hands in your evening parties.


LV Petit Malle

This one is a bit pricy but you must not hesitate to spend one time for these classy and elegant items. These bags are so classy that you can pull them off even after five years as well. These are relatively new bags from LV but they have become iconic and classy very quickly



Alexander McQueen

These Alexander McQueen skull and knuckle box clutches are a must have in your evening closet along with your lawn dresses and even with ball gowns and formal party dresses. The embellishments and sequences of these clutches are the things that make these clutches so special.

Alexander-McQueen-embroidered-crystal-skull-box-clutch-300x400 Alexander-McQueen-embroidered-knuckle-box-clutch-400x400

Chloe Dew and Inez

These two bags are getting the feel of oh-so-now as they are one of the most happens and trending bags of this season. They can be worn with different dresses in different styles such as they can be worn as peppy and girl style as well as the lady style. There are a number of different colors of this bag so they can be used with the variety of outfits

Chloe-Drew-2 Chloe-Drew-Shoulder-Bag-Merino-Blue-and-Red Chloe-Inez-Clutch

Gucci Padlock Blossoms

This bag is both affordable as well as classy at the same time. This season of the bag with printed blooms is very pretty. The size of this bag is perfect to be worn in the evenings. The hardware of this bag s also very cool and durable

409487_KU2IN_8693_001_066_0038_Light-Padlock-Blooms-shoulder-bag 409487_CWL2N_6487_001_065_0032_Light-Padlock-embroidered-shoulder-bag

Edie Parker

Edie Parker’s hand-poured acrylic clutches are attractive and different. I love their structure, the way they look and the fact that they’re so affordable. They break away from the safe zone and offer so many ways you can express yourself – from initials to quirky pictures. I especially love the personalized ones

Edie-Parker-oscar-striped-clutch Edie-Parker-Gangster-clutch Edie-Parker-Chillax-clutch Edie-Parker-Anchor-clutch

Canary Cove

Canary Cove is a proud national brand s deal for those who cannot afford luxury international brands and labels. The elegant metal clutches from canary cove are stylish and classy and readily fit n to your budget as well.

Canary-Cove-Metallic-clutch-1 Canary-Cove-Metallic-clutch

Lulu Guiness Lip Clutch

Charlotte Olympia book clutches and Popcorn clutches are a little too funky. It’s ok for a teenager or twenty-something to go super quirky but not everyone can carry it off. If you want to add something eclectic to your wardrobe, this Lulu Guiness Lip clutch is fun but chic.

Lulu-Guiness-Lips-clutch Lulu-Guiness-Lips-clutch-2


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