Summer Nails Trend 2016

Summer Nails Trend 2016


Fashion nowadays is not only wearing an outclass lawn jorra or an expensive and stylish dress but it is all about your overall personality, silhouette and outlook. People especially Pakistani girls are becoming conscious and aware about each and every aspect of their look and their fashion sense. Fashion now required to choose edgy accessories, right and appropriate makeup, up to date hair styles and hair dos and a complete look that must work from top to bottom. One of the most interesting aspect of creating your style statement is to work on your nails to make them edgy chic and classy.


Applying a nail color is not only about applying it on the nails but it is all about the applying with creativity and in an artistic manner. Classy Dressy brings for you some fresh and ravishing nail art style and designs that are becoming very popular in Pakistan so have a look and apply them on your nails with your fresh and breezy summer dresses.

New Twist to the French Nails

You can give a new and refreshing twist to the French manicure by adding color in it. Unlike the conventional French manicure art with a white tip and a transparent nail you can add colors and patterns to your French manicure

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Matching Nails and Lips

Now it is not bizarre to apply a nail color that is similar to your lip shade and your dress color as this trend is very much popular these days. This summer the fashion scene is taken by the matching nails and matching lips, shoes, dress and accessories.


Glittering Manicure

Sparkly and glittering nails are now becoming more and more popular with each passing day of the summer. Shiny beautiful nails with gold or silver pattern along with iconic white tip is becoming hot trend these days.

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The Nail Art with Negative Space

This nail art offers a deep contrast between the dark and the light color nails. There is the combination of dark maroon and black colors with the pastels color such as beige and powder pink.

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Rainbow Nails

Having multicolored nails is becoming more and more popular this summer. This trend is ideal for the summery lawn prints and beautiful summery shoes. If you are a vibrant person you must go for the rainbow nails trends.

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