Barat Stage design

Pakistan-s-top-best-weddings-planning-services-by-a2z-Events-Solutions53610cf08b3cc05e9821Wedding day have special importance for both boy and girl. Wedding ceremony mean lot of joy and harmony with passion. Well decorated platform is Wedding stage. Wedding stage is a place where Bridal and Groom sits together at the center of the hall and get attention of a people. If you organized Barat function at home, first of all you focused on outdoor of your home to decorate it with lyre of real flower. Then pay more attention inside area of house corridor, staircase, curtains, lighting, banquet and stage. Some people organized Barat function in hotels; hotels not decorate the stage facility then you prefer event planner and take responsibility to decorate Barat stage and other decoration of Barat. Event planer makes arrangement according to Barat stage with suitable curtains wall and dressing of Bridal and Groom and decorate the wedding platform according to your guidance.