best mascara wands

Mascaras-2-613x409Mascara is an integral part of makeup as it is used to highlight and make the eye lashes more prominent. In addition to that mascara adds length, volume to your eyelashes along with polishing the lashes for a complete look. Mascara is applied with special brushes known as mascara wands. Straight wand for applying mascara is most commonly used as it is the most easy to use mascara wand and goes well with the texture and lengths of different types of lashes. In Pakistan average girls and ladies use straight mascara wand to apply mascara. Mascara curved wands are the best for those girls and ladies having flat straight lashes with no angles. This will add a bit curve and slight lift to your lashes and also adds some bounce to the lashes. Mascara comb like wands are made of plastic type material and are best for the girls having thick lashes so that they can define these lashes with comb brush in efficient manner. Mascara Tapered wands are somewhat similar to the straight mascara wands however the slight difference is that their tip is a bit tapered as compared to straight wands. The tapered part is used to curl the eye lashes that add extra bounce and volume to lashes. Moreover with tapered tip you can apply mascara to the corner of your eyes.Mascara Spherical wands are smaller in size and are great for perfection. These are mostly used by professionals and models to attain perfect lashes. Spherical Mascara wand is best for detailing the eye lashes.