best tips for healthy ramadan

1434594412healthy-ramadanRamadan is a ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Every day of this month Muslims around the world to spend the whole day as fast. According to Islamic beliefs, Fasting is the revelation of the Quran to Mohammad. The last 29-30 days of this month depend upon the image sightings of the crescent moon. Fasting is compulsory for mature Muslims except those who are suffering from illness, elderly and traveling persons. Ramadan month known as fasting month was declared as wajib during the month of Shaaban when Muslims moved from Makah to Medina. Muslims during their fast avoid to drinking liquids, eating food, misbehave with other, backbiting, vulgar language and procrastination. Every part of body must be controlled during Ramadan. In this month, you eat food and drink daily before sunrise and after sunset. During Ramadan, Muslims used to offer special prayers and reciting Quran to purify the soul, pay attention on Allah and practice self-sacrifice. In Worldwide, Muslims try to control their food and drinking from starting days of Ramadan month. Fasting for long period without eating and drink water can be difficult both physically and mentally. During Ramadan many Muslims worry about their fitness then they find out some tips for healthy Ramadan. Such as drink water, eat less salt, eat slowly, tongue cleaner, make peace with your wallet, your mind and your plate, have a bath, cultivate healthy relationship, sleeping, infuse oil and have fun.