Bridal Matha Patti

Newest-Matha-Patti-Styles-Customary-Method-for-Women-2015-1[1]Bridal Matha Patti or Bridal Head Piece is a traditional piece of jewelry that is adorned by the brides of South Asia especially India and Pakistan. This piece of jewelry is somewhat similar to Tiara and is also worn on the head of the bride. In past Matha Patti was restricted only for the brides or the married women however with the changing trends young and teenage girls are also wearing Matha Patti on traditional events such as Weddings, Nikkah Ceremonies, Mehendi Ceremonies etc. Paper Pk Fashion brings for you an exclusive range of Matha Patti designs for the year 2015. There are different styles and types of Matha Patti as you can see in the images above. The first image shows a Matha Patti with decorated with Kundan, rubies and white small pearls. The second Matha patti is purely made of Kundan that is beautifully fixed in the gold base of the patti. This multi layer Kundan Matha Patti is very much in fashion these days. The next Matha Patiti a beautiful piece decorated with cut Feroza pieces along with champagne crystal beads. Matha Patti are pure Kashmir style Matha Patti that are made with pure gold and danglers of the Matha Patti are made of very fine gold flakes that are very light weight in wearing. The Matha Patti are painted within with green and red paint like substance that is called as “Meena”. Matha Patti shows a somewhat unique and different style where one sided patti is used along with the central jewelry piece. The side strands of Patti are made with different kinds of beads, crystals, pearls and chains. The center piece is adorned with Kundan, crystal drops, white pearls and red rubies. These Matha Patti are unique as they use multiple layers of strands on the head of the bride to give an additional royal and enchanted look. The beauty of the Pattis is enhanced with crystal drops, danglers, rubies and kundan.