clutch s1Clutch purse is a small purse which is used to keep in hand and large enough to hold just necessities. Mostly women used clutches to hold few things like a driver’s license, a cellphone, and a credit or debit card. Clutches are designed in such a way that some have detachable chain or some have leather strap which is used to hang on shoulder. There are many different designs and colors of clutches. Clutches are come as little square boxes, in triangles or heart shapes, covered with satin, beads or brocade. The prices of different clutches are depending on the designs. We can say that clutches are used to personalize your necessities. The clutches are very popular today because girls prefer to carry clutch rather than large purse or bags. There are many brands like Nishat and Metro which providing the latest, trendy and most beautiful clutches for girls and women. Fashionable girls could use the clutches on all function. Paperpk is providing the latest and most fashionable clutches designs 2015.