Eid-MubarakEid ul Fitr is also known as Feast of Breaking the Fast and sweet festival. Eid is one of the biggest and most important festivals for Muslims. Muslim celebrated Eid after the end of Ramadan. The festive Eid is a single day that Muslims are not having fast. The first day of the month of Shawwal is day of Eid ul Fitr. Other Muslims countries celebrated Eid on the same day as Saudi Arabia. Eid ul Fitr is a gifted from Allah. On Eid, every person is happy, make a lot of fun and they wish everyone on this beautiful festive each other.

Chand Raat Mubarik

Chand Raat Mubarik Chand Raat is known as the night of the moon and it is observed at the last eve of the Ramazan that can be 29th of Ramazn or 30th of Ramazan depending upon the sighting of moon. Chand Raat is celebrated

Eid ul Fitr Cuisines 2016

Eid ul Fitr Cuisines 2016 Eid Ul Fitr is the most celebrated and waited festive occasion of the Islamic calendar. Muslims around the globe celebrate Eid ul Fitr as a reward from Allah in return of the thirty rozas of Ramazan in which Muslims