Foundation for Pakistani Skin

Pakistani foundation baseThe foundation or base is used to keep skin prime for makeup application. In order to keep your skin fresh and attractive for whole day you need to cover it with some oil absorbing stuff that keep the action of sebaceous glands to a lower degree. A smooth base layer could keep the skin as natural and beautiful. In summer the hot waves may leave the bad impact on your skin cells. Foundation is only the solution of this problem in summer. Foundation could hide the spots and blemishes on your skin and could convert it to its ideal complexion. The foundation could stays onto your skin as a cream to make it fresh and smooth. There are several brands of foundation or base like Mousse Base in market. The benefit of this base is that it is very light weight and minimized the appearance of pose. It wouldn’t feel heavy and greasy after applying at your skin. Base is beneficial for those people having oily skin or spots because base could hide the wrinkles and spots patches on your skin. The women of all ages like to apply base according to their natural colors. While choosing base you should keep in mind your skin color and nature. Paperpk is providing the information about base and how to apply base on your skin.

Hydrating Makeup in Winters

Hydrating Makeup in Winters Pakistani skin becomes unnecessarily dry during the winters and we have to use tons of cold creams and moisturizing lotions to keep our skin hydrated and moist. The reason behind the skin getting so much dry in winters is that