girl room decor

urlKids are no doubt the biggest blessings for the parents. Every Parent wants to provide all the comforts of life to their kids. Nowadays separate rooms for kids are necessary and essential. Pink is the color of the girls. The soft and puffy shade of the pink blends well with the bubbly and chirpy nature of the baby girls. You can use different shades of pink such as powder pink, tea pink, rose pink, light pink, peachy pink, bright pink, hot pink or many other shades of pink to paint the room. You can combine these shades of pink with different contrasting colors such as lilac, purple, light green or yellow.Furniture is another important factor that adds life and soul to the girl’s room. Make sure that furniture should be light and classy. You can choose from Victorian style kids furniture or you can also select the chic and trendy designs of modern day furniture.In addition to furniture other accessories for a girl’s room are also very important such as curtains, bed crowns, wall decals, side tales, writing table, rugs and other assorted things. You can use net curtains along with net drapes on the bed crown of the girl’s room. There are different kinds and styles of wall decals are available in market such as floral, cartoon characters, animals and many others. You can decorate the walls of your room with the wall decals of your own choice.You can also give thematic décor to the rooms such as Disney Princess Themed Room, Tinker Bell themed room, Frozen Themed Room, Dora Themed Room, Barbie Themed Room or Minnie Mouse Themed Room.