Hijab Styles

Hijab styleHijab play very important role in Islam and Muslim women feel very comfortable by wearing Hijab in society. Basically hijab is the type of garment which is used to cover the body. We can say that Muslim women’s are different from other region women. In Pakistan, most girls of college, universities, educated women and working women liked to wear hijab. The girls and women look more beautiful and elegant in Hijab. Hijab is a signof great strength and symbol of piety. In Arabic literary Hijab means screen or curtain. Hijab protects the women form the society and men. Feminists and Western media often portray the hijab is a symbol of oppression and slavery of women. Hijab is a term that represents a modest dressing and modest behavior, attitude, manners and public appearance. In Modern Life, Hijab used as a Fashion, many girls wears as a fashion style. Paperpk is providing the information about Hijab and various types of Hijab.