mascara wands

wandsMascara is a cosmetic which is commonly used to enhance the eyes and to prominent eye lashes. We can say that mascara is the part of makeup which is applied to thicken or define the eyelashes. Mascara is very important tool to decorate our eyes. There are different types of wands which are being used to apply mascara on eye lashes like mascara comb wands, straight wands, wands curved, tapered wands, and wands spherical. The ladies should want to pick exact wand otherwise it will break the mascara application. The size of mascara wands always depends on the size of your eyes and lashes. Each type of mascara wands used for different purpose like separate wands are made for long or short eye lashes. Ladies should choose small brushes for short lashes and large brushes for long and thick lashes. Different types and size of brushes for different lashes are available in the market. Wands are used for lengthening, volumizing, curling, and defining the lashes to beautify the eyes.