Sapphire lawn

Sapphire LawnKhadijah Shah has introduced the Sapphire Lawn. She has brought cool, bold and vibrant colors of aesthetic. Sapphire has presented the lawn with stunning shades for summer season. Soft fabrics with thread work used for manufacturing the lawn stuff for hottest season in 2015. Sapphire lawn has its own outlets in major cities of Pakistan. Sapphire Lawn volume 1 is being offered in affordable price started from Rs.2600 to 6300. Designed by the ace designer Khadija Shah Sapphire has made ripples in the world of fashion with its unique color scheme, prints and high quality fabric of the lawn. The designer is offering the unique and blends of floral and blocks prints. Khadijah Shah used all cool colors for summer like yellow, light green, sky and light shades of pinks. The Sapphire Lawn could add a sense of creativity or style to your wardrobe. To know more about Sapphire Lawn and its designs just click on