summers nail colors

landscape-1430764842-hbz-summerpolishSummer Season is at full swing in Pakistan and to beat the heat girls need something cool, chic, trendy and sassy. This cool and chic thing is the nail color that completes the look of a girl as a fashion freak.   Especially in Pakistan where summer is a season of lawn vibrant and cool nail paints can complement the entire look of the girls. We are going to share some cool nail shades that are ranked as summer nail colors:- such as Cherry Nail Color, this plump yet cool shade of the nail polish will complement not only Pakistani dresses but also goes well with the denim jeans as well. Creamy Gold Nail color, this soft gold shade with a creamy finish suits well for the summer night parties and get together. Baby Pink nail paint gives a refreshing look to your hands and is ideal for college going teenage girls. Burgundy is the shade that suits at almost all kinds of skin tones. It complements the fair complexion and also adds a touch of grace to whitish complexion. Shimmery Blue color is ideal to get a bold look and adds a bit glam to your personality.  Peach is the color of the season not only in nail lacquers but also in lipsticks, bags and sandals. Pink has loads and loads of shade but a few shades of pink are those that are ever green and impact. Purple Glitter nail paint also one of the hot selling nail colors of the season. Its glittery pigment gives a shimmery look to the nails that helps in adding an extra glamorous element to the personality of the girl. Nude Grey nail paint gives a natural yet finished look to your nails. This is a tint that is a bit sober and off tone but the impact created by this shade is no less than other vibrant and bold hues.Golden Glitter is the most alluring and exciting color this summer as it creates an exciting effect on the overall personality of the girls.