taking scraf in Ramadan

Beautiful-Ramadan-Hijab-Designs-2014-For-girls-4Ramadan is a ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In month of Ramadan, every Muslims around the world to spend the day as fast in daylight hours. According to Islamic calender, Fasting is the first revelation of the Quran to Mohammad. During Fasting Muslims avoid to drinking water, eating food, backbiting and not say bad words for anyone and don’t misbehave with others. Everyone has different point of views and beliefs about Islam. Muslims have strong beliefs on Islam, some persons take care to say their prayers and some persons put efforts with their hijabs. In Ramadan, most of the girls and women preferred hijab to cover their heads. Muslims girls know that wearing scarf is frad.Here, I suggested you different styles of wearing scraf that not only cover your heads but also give you respectable status in society. Different styles of scarf you can wear it. It’s your own choice; you can choose scraf color according to your dress color. If you like printed scraf then you select a beautiful print stuff and keep scraf in place with the help of stylish pins that are available in market. Ramadan starts in the month of more heat and a dark color of outfit absorbs more heat. You can select light colors of scarf because light colors absorb less heat as compared to dark colors of scarf. If you wear casual dress then you select simple scarf and if you go to into Iftaar party then you join up your dress with fancy scraf. You look more pretty and gorgeous in wearing scraf. Hijab plays an important role in Islam. In Islam, Women are more secured in a society. Islam gives respect and honorable life for women. Hijab gives you an identification of Islam. Muslim women’s are different from other region women and should protect them from others by Hijab. With Hijab Women should feel safe and sound and easy. Hijab means covered the women body that wear on head. Firstly women wear shawls then after sometimes women wear gown but now a day’s most female’s wear Hijabs according to fashion trends. Hijab protect women from men .In Pakistan, Most girls of college, universities, educated women and working women liked wear hijab and obeyed God. In Hijab, women are more comfort and feels freedom. Hijab wears girl’s looks more beautiful and show natural personality.