Types of Lipsticks

IMG_0837Lipstick is the part of makeup and a type of cosmetic which is used on lips to make them beautiful and attractive. It contains on pigments, oil, waxes and emollients having color, texture and protection to the lips. No doubt that lip coloring is most important to get popularity among societies. Lipsticks could be used on each and every moment in life like casual on functions, parties, weddings and birthdays etc. Whenever you will visit the cosmetic area of store for the first time you will surely surprised to see the variety of lipsticks available. You should choose the color which looks best on your personality and which suits you. You can wear any of the many lip colors by separately and together to increase the beauty of your lips. Always try to choose the long lasting best suitable color for your lips on any occasion. There are basic five essential types of lipsticks. Mattes are the strongest and darkest colors of lipsticks having a lot of pigments. The mattes deflects the lights rather than shiny.Creme type of lipsticks has not many moisturizing ingredients so they not spread on thinner and wrinkled lips. Such types of lipsticks usually include both mattes and glosses and it contains more wax than mattes. We can say that cream lipsticks protect lips better than other types but they can result in dry lips. Women with small lips should use crème lipsticks. Shimmer type of lipsticks contains light reflecting particles like mica, silica, synthetic pearl or fish scales. These lipsticks are usually used for special occasion like wedding and parties etc. Long wearing type of lipstick used for long wearing purpose because other lipsticks need to reapplied after some time. These lipsticks are very drying and consisting on base and a gloss.