Time to reorganize your makeup bags!

Expired? Toss it

Is your mascara getting clumpy or your foundation stinking bad? I’m afraid it’s time to let your makeup go.

Using expired makeup is usually not such of a big deal. After all we have spent a chunk of money over the lavishing products or our relatives cherished us with expensive MAC cosmetics last summer which will stay close to our heart till death bed.

Women grow fond of their makeup and prefer building up their makeup possessions.  We consume our products to the last drop or squeeze because we want to exploit each penny we spent on them. This hoarding habit has its consequences.

Your makeup has an expiry but unlike your food products it does not have a permanent date. However, you have to keep track of when you open your products. Most products have a jar symbol printed on the back of them with a numerical and a letter with it. The letter is usually an “M” for months and “Y” for years you have until the demise of your products once the lid of the product is removed.

Expired makeup will not make you sick but may lead to inflammation, acne breakouts, blisters or even rashes.  This could be a possible outcome of the breakdown of molecules when the makeup expires. Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t want any of that?

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Stay alarmed if:

  • Your lipstick is too dry and gloss is extra sticky with a funny smell.
  • Your nail polish being loopy and separating.
  • Your powder products seem dry and flaky.
  • Your foundation separating into layers and has a lightened color.
  • If you leave the lid open of your mascara and eye liner for long.
  • If you are sharing mascara; this may also be a notorious habit as it spreads germs.

Hence, as a general rule, replace your mascara every three months, eyeliner and eye shadow every six months and lipsticks every year. Meanwhile, facial products like foundation, face power, blushes and bronzer can last up to a year or more.

Reorganizing your makeup bag frequently can promise you lesser facial disruptions and a healthier skin! If you encounter any aforementioned circumstances, it’s time to bid it adieu.


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