Top Celebrity Hairstyles for Year 2016

Top Celebrity Hairstyles for Year 2016


New year comes with zeal zest and new excitement. As there is everything new in the new year 2016 the trends regarding hair styles is also changing and more simple more natural hair styles are now very much loved and common among the celebrities as well. As we know that there is a glam and charm associated with the celebrities and every girl wants to follow celebrity fashion we bring some of the sweetest simple and charming hairstyles from our beloved celebrities that are the iconic and role model throughout the year 2015

Side Braid of Priyanka Chopra

Loving this side braid on one of the most strongest and leading actress of bollywood film industry. This hairstyle is simple and quick. It is for lazy days when you dont’t feel like doing anything but still want to look good! Pep up this look with different types of braid such as fishtail or put up a fresh flower to brighten up the look.


Retro Bun of Deepika Padukaune

Deepkia Padukone looks uber classy in this retro hairstyle. Let’s try this classic 50’s hairstyle this season and don’t forget to bling it up with a brooch, hair band or a pretty bow for “The Great Gatsby” look


Wavy Tangled Hair of Mawra Hoccane

We see Mawra Hocane mostly in this hairstyle. This hairstyle looks elegant and simple. Perfect for brunches or dinner dates perhaps


Mahira Khan with Half Updo

We all know how pretty Mahira Khan is, if one day she decidea not to brush her hair, she will still look as beautiful. You can wear this half-up hairstyle to all sorts of casual or formal events.


Braided Simple Pony Tail

Your personality and appearance can change if your hair is on point. This hairstyle is versatile that will work for any occasion. You will completely transform your look with a braid around the crown along with loose curls in a ponytail.


Hair Embellishments

Isn’t this hairstyle adorable with puffed hair and tight messy curls? This look will look dazzling on a wedding reception. Incorporate glam into your hair by adding pearls. Make your look classy this season




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