Top Hairstyles for Fall Winter 2015

Top Hairstyles for Fall Winter 2015


Fall and winter is approaching fast around the globe and everything including nature, style and fashion are on the way to transform. In fall people follow different trends that are completely differ from the summer fashion and trends. In the same way like the makeup and dressing up is changed in the winter the hair styles and hair outlooks are also changed according to the changing weather. Paper Pk brings for you some new and trendy hair styles and hair looks for the upcoming weather of fall and winter that are being popular nationally as well as internationally.

Low Profile

These winters the low profile in terms of pony tails is very much popular among the girls especially having long and sleek hair. There are a number of kinds of pony tails such as messy pony tails, sleek pony tails, side pony tails and others but the one thing that is common in these pony tails is that all of them are a low profile pony tails that are raising the new and elegant levels of sophistication.

lowp1 lowp2 lowp3 lowp4

Taking Sides

In winters the deep and glamorous side part is also very much in fashion. This side part is especially looks lovely on the broad and square faces. Many fashion designers such as Balmain, Givenchy, Gucci and others prefer side parts for their models.

sides 1 sides 3 sides2 sides3

The Twist with a new Twist

The classic French tail and French braid is now again in fashion. The classic braid is not only limited to the high society this winter but comes with the new and younger looking style on the teenage and young girls. The messy version of the French braid is lovely depiction of the high street fashion and style this fall season.

twist 5 twist1 twist2 twist3 twist4

Making Waves

Bohemian Waves in long hair is one of the most breezy hair styles of our times and it is still very much in fashion this winter and fall season. The focus of this hairstyle is on the thick texture of the hair and the kinky and chic movement of the hair. The simple way to do this style is simple braid the damp hair and let them air dry and open them to get this effortlessly chic hairstyle.

w1 w2 w3 w4

Moto Club

The best accessories for the hair this winter is the luxe leather goodies that are also depicted on the runway fashion as well. Thick leather headband by Fendi, Honor and Hermes are very much in fashion this fall. There are leather wrappers as well to wrap up the pony tails with style as well.

mo1 mo2 mo3 mo4

The Tie Knot

Buns are completely erased from the beauty vocabulary these days and are replaced by the knot. Knots are thrown in such a way that they depict that your hair are having so much fun. Tied Knot looks effortlessly beautiful and add a grace and poise to your personality.

knot1 knot2 knot3 knot4

Back Story

The half fourth up style of the hair is also very adored this fall and winter. It adds a bit of glamour as well simplicity at the same time to your personality. There are a number of styles of this back story hairstyle such as teeny tiny braids, crimped hair, elegant twists and curls.

bs1 bs2 bs3 bs4

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