Top Nail Art Trends for Fall/Winter 2015

Top Nail Art Trends for Fall/Winter 2015

Winter and fall is approaching very fast and with the advent of winter the trends of dressing and makeup are also changed. People in the winter prefer to wear winter looks in terms of clothing and in terms of fashion and accessories as well. Today at Paper Pk we are going to share some new and trendy nail art trends that are ideal for the fall and winter occasions such as Halloween and other late night parties.

Bejeweled Nails


Nails can be as luxe and as beautiful as your jewelry. Pick a few trendy shades of fall and decorate them with little pieces of jewelry and embellishments as shown to get a luxury fall nail art look.

Reverse French Tip Nail Art

reverse french tips

Reverse French Tip is simple and decent nail art that is as simple as the original French nail art tips. They are feminine as well as elegant and are very easy to apply as you can see in the figure.

Half Moon with Coral Nail Color

half moon

Coral is the nail color that is very much in fashion these days. The gold and coral look with definitely give an edge to your nails this winter and fall season. This half moon look with bold coral and gold is very easy to copy.

Torn Paper Autumn Nail Art

torn paper

In this trendy and off beat nail art design you can pair a breezy summer shade with the bold and dark shade of the winter. Such as in this image the breezy blue shade of summers is paired with bold and dark shade of black to give this torn paper look.

Navy Studded Nails

navy studded nails

This manicure and nail art is perfect for the late night autumn parties and hangouts. This look is edgy and classic at the same time. This is inspired from the jeweled nail art and is perfect for the winter season.

Ombre Nail Art with Cherry Color


The winter is the time to switch from the pastels colors of the summer to the bold red and purples of the winter. This ombre gradient indicates this fact truthfully and gives your hands a chic and trendy winter look.

Stained Glass Window Nail Art

stained glass windows

Brown and grey are the perfect nail art shades. Now you can mimic this perfect nail art look with your favorite winter shades of the nail colors. A touch of glitter will spice up the lovely and chic nail art of this type.

French Plum Autumn Nail Art

french Plum

It is a myth that French manicure must be only white and pink. You can do a traditional French manicure with the dark and bold shades of winter and fall as shown in this picture. The look created with plum and black is too good to eat.

Back to School

back to school

If you are attending your school classes in the winters you can create this back to school look with simple nail colors and tools. Learning and applying this nail art is just like doing a fun school homework.

Festive Fall Leaves

Festive Fall Leaves

This nail color is ideal for the fall festivals as the bold orange and gold gives the lovely festive look to your nails. This nail art is simple and easy to create and implement and looks lovely on the winter night falls and evening parties.



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