Top Ten Best Eye-shade Palettes

Top Ten Best Eye-shade Palettes

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If you want to look perfect, gorgeous and prettier as compared to others than you should choose best eye shade palettes. Best makeup accessories always used to become more beautiful and get much prettier on any occasion. Ladies used best eye shades o enhance the beauty of their eyes. To apply different eye shades on your eyes could turn your eyes from natural to stylish look. There are many varieties of eye shades palettes in market. Numbers of top brand of eye shade palettes are available in market from which top ten are mentioned below:

Urban Decay Naked Palettes


Decay Naked is one of famous brand of eye-shade palettes and most useable eye shade. It’s mostly used among ladies because it has combination of light and soft colors. Naked palettes have a soft touch on eyes with colorful combination of eye-shade. Naked palettes apply on eyes with mixture of two or three colors to give it attractive look. Decay Naked kit comprises on three to ten colors.



MAC is one of most top eye-shade palettes that contain a wonderful 2, 4 or 15 color of eye-shade. MAC eye-shades are combination of light colors and you can apply on eyes at night function or parties.


Bobbi-Brown--Palette 1


Bobbi Brown is a lovely eye-shade palettes and beautiful range of shades. It includes cocktail of parabens and irritant laureth and ox chloride. Ten shiny shadows of palettes gives you the pretty fine shine. Apply them on your eyes and blend them to give a fantastic shiny and glowing look.

Dior Palettes

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Dior palettes are creamy 5 eye-shades and their shadows are silky with plenty of colors. Beautiful eye-shade colors apply on eyes for perfect look. You can apply 5 dark eye-shade colors of palettes to become more shiny and smoky eyes.



NVEY is another cosmetic eye-shade palettes and its ingredients includes allergenic chemicals such as salicylic and benzyl. NVEY is a combination of 5 silky shades with long lasting color and makes an Ideal makeup eyes. NVEY got a best eye shadow prize in the natural health and beauty Awards 2010.

L’Oreal Eye-shade





Revlon is lovely eye shade palettes and competes the fashion trends. Revlon is one of the top brands that give smooth, silky and shiny eye-shade that can’t be lighter or faded till 16 hours. Revlon is a master in combination of eye-shade to apply on your eyes.

Charlotte Tilbur

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Charlotte Tilbur is one most gorgeous eye-shades palettes and its contains on 3 colors such as cream brown and deep russet red for fine shiny eyes and last golden-brown eye-shade for fine sparkle. Dolce Vita is one of luxurious eye-shade of Charlotte til-bur for good and beautiful eyes.

LORAC Pro Palettes

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LORAC is a famous brand that you can create unlimited mind blowing looks with the help of highest quality and best eye shaded formula. LORAC eye-shades include soothing botanical and ultra pigmented that you can apply on your eyes.




NARS is one of luxurious brand of eye-shade palette that gives soft, silky and shiny shade colors. Its contain on fifteen well pigmented and amazing shades. Apply them on your eyes and blend them to give a fantastic shiny and glowing look.



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