Top Ten Diamond Wedding Rings for 2016

Top Ten Diamond Wedding Rings for 2016


Bez Ambar can be rightly called as the most significant and the most accomplished diamond jewelry designer of our times. He took his inspiration from art and chose diamond as his canvas. The modern princess cut was invented by Bez Ambar back in year 1979. In the year 1980 the designer launched his own brand of jewelry and starts designing dream designer jewelry.

From the last thirty years Bez Ambar has invented new methods and designs to cut the diamond and to set them in the jewelry in the most unique and stylish way. His first invention Quadrallion a tetragon shape of the diamond along with the vividness of the round diamond is now known as the inventive princess cut diamond. His latest diamond cut The Blaze is another solid proof of his artistic sense and genius mind. Moreover he is also the inventor of the famous micro-pave settings.

As we all know that jewelry is incomplete without rings as the rings are the most important and soulful part of the engagement and the wedding ceremonies. The most demanding piece of jewelry is the diamond ring as without a diamond ring no engagement or wedding is completed in an aesthetic sense. Today Paper PK brings the soulful, stylish and eye catching collection of Bez Ambar Diamond wedding Rings 2016.


The collection is unique in the sense as it holds different types of style and patterns of the diamond rings. There are rings with solitaires, rings with precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, cubic zircons and diamonds. There are different shapes of the rings such as heart shaped, spider web shaped, square shaped, eclipsed shape and band shape. You can choose a ring of your choice to make your engagement and wedding ceremony more special for your partner

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