Welcome back Rani Hars and Guluband Necklaces!

         Marriage is a scared relationship which is rejoiced all around the globe. It is a celebration of the wedlock of groom and the bride. With the culturally enriched heritage of Pakistan, marriages are special occasions which are long a waited for.

           The Pakistani bride enjoys merits of extravagancy! It’s the day when there is special emphasis on the bridal dress, makeup and the exquisite jewelry. The jewelry is usually made of gold, which enhances the beauty and the personality of the bride, keeping in consideration the outrageously free-spending culture in the Pakistani society.

However, with the ever increasing prices of gold people are diversifying towards gold-plated-deepika-mala-studded-with-semi-precious-stones-pearls-01-247x300Kundan jewelry, semi stones, beads and gold plated metals. These jewelry designs are set with the heavy embellishment of precious stones, beads, diamonds and pearls.

Bridal trends vary like seasons, hence preparing for this opulent affair can be overwhelming and quite hectic. If you are the next bride, don’t worry we have it all covered for you.

The trending jewelry collection of year 2016 consists of Rani Hars, Guluband necklaces, Kundan pearl necklaces along slide with the Matha Patis and Jhumki earings.


Rani Hars which were once in fashion almost two decades ago, lost charm in the 21st century. However, they are back in business! If your mother owns such designs, now is the time to get them polished and wear them with light embroidered dresses. They retain the elegant yet royal look.



Pearl embellished Jhumkis are also hitting the runways for bridal weeks this year. They can we worn with Rani Hars to complete that historic Mughali bride look.

 Choker necklaces which are also known as the Hyderabadi Guluband necklaces are good choices for the wedding occasions. They complement women with long necks and can also be worn with beaded long necklaces.

?Moreover, Matha patis are a compulsory on your mehndi night. Flower jewelry is also in fashion, which enriches the natural beauty of the bride with retaining innocence and giving the bride with a soft subtle look. Flower made earrings, tikkas, gajras, paraa03251170d0d3bf14003ea44d2fa5eabndas around the hair are included in this assortment.


If you adopt these trending jewelry designs in your wedding occasions, you can be that perfect fashionable bride one always dream of.

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