Zumirrah by Rabia Hassan Home Furniture

Zumirrah by Rabia Hassan Home Furniture 


Rabia Hassan is an interior designer based in Karachi. She has been decorating and furnishing homes for almost two decades and is now launching her own line of furniture. Over the years, Rabia has not just restricted herself to furnishing homes – she has also ventured into related fields of design such as event management/decoration, clothing and even jewelry.


Her experience combined with her natural flair and sharp eye for design have helped her develop a distinct aesthetic and approach towards her work. Rabia is a strong believer in design finesse. Moreover, she feels that everyone should have access to beautiful pieces that are innovative and affordable at the same time and uses this as the basis for Zumirrah’s design philosophy.


Zumirrah’s mission is to create pieces that are both contemporary and cultural, beautiful yet functional and most of all – unique and accessible.


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